Mitch McConnell’s Re-Election The Numbers Don’t Add Up DCReportorg

Mitch McConnell’s Re-Election: The Numbers Don’t Add Up. How Does an 18% Approval Rating Result in a 58% Win for the Senator?


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    It astounded me that a person who has done so much over the years to harm his own constituents managed to get re-elected after a term when he’d done more to harm them than ever before.


    McGrath is a garbage candidate who embodies everything wrong with the Democratic Party. No amount of woke cheerleading over the fact that she flew murder machines for the marines can disguise how lukewarm and useless her personality is, nor how uninspiring her centre-right politics are. Of course she lost. She ALWAYS loses. But hey, why should the Trumptards have a monopoly on bugfuck conspiracy theories. Have at it.

    Oh, and Charles Booker would have won.

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