shara – she wolf of the SS

shara - she wolf of the SS

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    She recycle the liberals dosen’t that make her a liberal?


    It seems that ignorance is no longer bliss; ignorance has become fear and loathing and hatred.

    Also, this poster makes me want to pull out my hunting rifle and shoot a liberal. A liberal with photoshop.


    And nothing of value has been learned by the far right wingers after this week, again. all you assholes have is your violence. Keep up with the partisan bullshit while the rest of the America carries on without you and your pretty lady.


    As I recall the rest of America put 60 right wingers into congress just a few months ago.

    Their time to show any level of competence begins now.


    They already have – they added $700 billion to the deficit giving tax breaks to people who don’t need them.


    …or even want them.




    Thanks so much for illustrating exactly why this sort of attitude exists from the liberals.


    Everything about this woman’s public persona is fake. I know all politicians are liars, but this chick just pisses me off.

    Alec Dalek

    One of the victims of the attack in Arizona made death threats against the head of the Tea Baggers. It’s on!


    She’s in the minds of liberals 24/7. It’s funny to see their collective heads explode every time she says something. And as to her being fake, no way. She’s as real as they get which is exactly why she scares the hell out of them.


    It’s true, she’s real- I don’t think anyone could convincingly fake being that stupid.


    The only thing about Palin that scares liberals is that there are right wingers stupid enough to listen to her.

    fracked again

    She can’t even load a hunting rifle. She is a fake.


    The only time Sarah Palin is fake is when she’s trying to appear smart and informed. All the stupidity is completely realistic.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The existence of this fucking idiocy makes its own point. anyone who knows the source material (the person who created it must not have seen the actual movie) will just look at this and laugh at the fucking left wing nutcase who made it and any who actually try and defend it. Left wing voters in America and their bull headed my way or the highway attitude have more in common with Nazi ideologies than most actual Nazis did. They also use propaganda to brainwash people. The testament to their stupidity is their inability to see themselves and each other… Read more »


    Is it not true that ALL major political parties use propaganda?


    Fact: Sarah Palin only likes you if you fuck Bibles.