What Has Joe Biden Been Waiting For


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    It’s like the Right has no idea who they’re running against lol. Keep it up, idiots, I’m sure the “attack one of the most well liked people in American political history with bald face lies” strategy will start working for you any. day. now.

    The King of Nothing

    I’m guessing he did support bills to help remove some of the institutional racism as a Senator and Vice President, but this meme is an absolute joke when you realize there is a white supremacist currently in office vowing to make life harder for minorities. Drumpf supporters criticizing anyone else for lying is the definition of the phrase “pot calling the kettle black.”


    Are you a junkie?

    There’s minorities on Trump’s cabinet, he’s increased funding to historically black colleges and universities by 17% ( www.blackenterprise.com/senate-bill-funding-historically-black-colleges-and-universities-trump-support-hbcus/ ), he signed the First Step act (the first criminal justice reform bill passed in over a decade) and he likes to tout record low African American unemployment — Trump is the worst white supremacist ever.


    Signing two veto-proof bills doesn’t mean he supports them. The bar is on the fucking ground.

    The King of Nothing

    I wouldn’t say he’s the worst white supremacist. Plenty of others have literally hung people and shot people. White supremacy isn’t just against black people either.


    You’re a fucking moron.

    “Trump is the worst white supremacist ever” means he is bad at being a supremacist not that he is the worst kind of supremacist…..

    you TDS guys make me laugh

    The King of Nothing

    Glad you missed that joke. It makes it more funny!


    The only derangement is the belief that Trump is doing anything close to an adequate job.
    He isn’t.
    By any measure.