Defensive Omnivore Bingo

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    “Vegetarian: Indian word for ‘bad hunter.'”


    What do I get for a double bingo?


    side of fries


    Roast lamb… 😀





    The Matrix: Rebooted


    Jesus Christ

    Shut up and eat meat. I didn’t make animals so you could climb to the top of the food chain to eat plants.


    Is “telling you to STFU while taking a bite from a turkey leg” supposed to be under the black dot or what?


    I was a veggie for over 10 years, and I heard most of these many times. Man, it was so boring meeting new people and then having this convo. Just once it would be nice if they had said, “huh” and moved on.


    I guess I am lucky. Most of my conversations have been of the, “Do you eat fish?” variety. More often they ask whether I eat chicken.


    Some of us ‘Happy Carnivores” don’t care. I have a friend that’s a vegan. He’s never tried to change my mind, and I’ve never tried to change his. But I must admit to knowing a few people that wig out when I tell them that he’s vegan. My fave was when one lady commented that he looked so ‘normal’.

    All this talk about food is making me hungry. I’m going to go make a roast beast sandwich now!

    Insanely Rational

    Plants are creators of life. Animals are destroyers of life. A plant takes water, soil, sunlight and other non-living things, and turns them into a part of a living being. Animals destroy other living beings, either plants or other animals, in order to sustain themselves.

    Needless to say, on moral grounds, animals deserve to get eaten more than plants do.


    This is the closest anyone has come to giving me a reason to go back to meat.


    So humans don’t need water and sunlight?

    You need to feed a cow 10 pounds of soy beans to produce 1 pound of meat. Perhaps animals deserve to get eaten more than plants do but I think human beings deserve to not die of starvation more than I deserve to eat meat on a regular basis just because I happened to have been born in a rich country when I could survive without it.


    You know, “omnivores” wouldn’t need to get “defensive” if they didn’t get harassed by Vegans trying to ram their lifestyles down their throats. Eat meat, don’t eat meat, just leave me the fuck alone about it and let me do whichever I want.


    A defensive vegan made this after whining for half an hour.


    I think I got a few “/thread”s on one of these by saying that eating nothing but plants is no more intelligent or enlightened than eating nothing but animals. Sadly, I believe this is one of the few times where repetition on the internet != win.


    Don’t get mad at me for making the cow/soy beans comparison. It doesn’t mean all meat eaters contribute to poverty either, back when we had little farms with people producing only as much meat as they needed it was fine but now with mass production it has serious consequences that I don’t want to have anything to do with. I don’t believe in forcing people to produce less meat, it’s against my principles and it doesn’t solve anything. It sounds kinda cheesy but I don’t eat meat because I care about other people. It’s easy and I’m lucky because my… Read more »


    Bacon,mother fucker!

    So Wrong

    You know, “vegans” wouldn’t need to get “defensive” if they didn’t get harassed by meat-eaters trying to ram their lifestyles down their throats. Eat meat, don’t eat meat, just leave me the fuck alone about it and let me do whichever I want.


    Last time i checked meat eaters weren’t throwing Green paint on people for eating and using plants. Or destroying Botanical-science labs and sending hate letters and death threats to Botanists.

    So Wrong

    You’re talking about the actions of a fringe group full of wackos. It’s like trying to pigeon-hole Christians as fag beating abortion clinic bombers. Plus, pro-meat/dairy groups don’t need violence, they use lawsuits to bully the shit out of anyone with contrary opinions and to push their agenda.

    Sure meat eaters aren’t throwing green paint on people for eating and using plants but 14 years ago when I stopped eating meat (before it was fashionable), vegetarians were spit on and getting tuned like they were blasphemers or something.


    And you deserved every piece of spittle that was hocked your way.
    If for no other reason than because you probably did it for some pussy.


    Everybody always thinks they were veggie “before it was fashionable” but they are wrong. It will never be fashionable. 1996 was the peak of the nauseating maelstrom of alterna-lifestyles, political correctness, and bad facial hair that was the nineties. 14 years ago I took a swing dancing class for fuck sake. So, yeah… no. You got in when everybody else did. Sorry.


    Wahhhhh. Whine more douchebag. I never said all vegetarians and vegans were property vandalizing wack-jobs. One of my best friends is a vegan. Point is you weren’t born a vegetarian or vegan. You chose to stop eating meat. Vegetarians aren’t getting constantly harrassed by meat eaters. Again, all of the violence on the subject has been done by so called “eco-warriors” and Vegans and Vegetarians. Does this account for all vegans and vegetarians? No. I never said it did. Eat whatever the fuck you want, but don’t get on some goddamned high-horse about it when people ask you why you… Read more »


    I think most people don’t care what other people eat. Actually I don’t think most people think much about it at all. What happens w/ vegans et al. is they bring attention to themselves because they have ‘rules’ (different than most) about their food and in order to eat anywhere else requires that they state their rules. It’s not a bad thing, just different. Then there is the assholes who feel threatened and questioned by someone else’s food choices. So meat eaters think your judging them badly because they eat meat and vegans/vegetarians think they’re being judged because they choose… Read more »


    In every group of people there will be extremists who try to force their opinions and beliefs on others. If you want to don’t want to eat something, then don’t. Why do people have to make such a big deal over personal eating choices? Why don’t we just put our differences aside and force our extra anger out on casemods instead of each other?


    please ignore the poor wording, the point still stands


    it isn’t the omnivores that are violent about eating. it is those trying to save the poor food stock.

    Kendo Bunny

    So how about when hearing someone tell you that they’re vegetarian or vegan saying ‘That’s nice. Hope it’s working out for you’? I couldn’t live on a vegetarian diet (for legitimate medical reasons), but if you can, more power to you. There’s no one diet that’s healthy for every single human being, and diet crusaders on both sides seem to forget that.


    The dumbass who made this got the first quote wrong. It should be:

    “If God didn’t want us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of FOOD?”


    or “if god didn’t want us to eat animals, then why does everyone like bacon”


    Nah. the saying under the black dot in center is my usual response:”Really? Cool. More meat for me then.”


    I thought it was Cool, mind if I get a veal grinder?



    I used to live in Michigan, and those are one of the few things I miss about MI.

    That and finding a really good cruller!


    I saw the other day one of those prints on a pole that you can tear a piece like a presentation card that read something like “vegetarian support group”.

    Next to it, a similar print with a TRex with the text “you’re a carnivore, you don’t need some whiny support group, go back to being awesome” or something of the sort. It was hilarious.

    Everyone can eat what they want, just don’t go christian and try to preach it to everyone else.


    It’s not my fault that most of the arguments on that card are valid. Next card, the Defensive Person Who Doesn’t Eat Live Babies Bingo. With such gems as “That’s MURDER!” “The baby suffers so much pain when you eat it while it’s till alive!” and “What the fuck is WRONG with you?” All arguments that babytarians are SICK of hearing. /we omnivores wouldn’t be so defensive if you vegans weren’t so OFFENSIVE //seriously, stop acting like your dietary choices make you a superior person ///and you guys aren’t NEARLY vocal enough about discrediting the whackadoodles in your movement… it’s… Read more »


    /// Like Christians, Muslims, Democrats, and Republicans


    Lol, I didn’t know that they were vegans as a fashion statement!

    Now that’s really lame… and not totally rad dude!



    I was given a “Don’t Eat Meat” flier by a gal in a leather jacket; does that count as a fashion statement?


    I eat meat because it’s TASTY! :3


    I know a vegan who complains about religion on a daily basis about how they try to shove their beliefs down everyone’s throat, and then, in the same conversation, will try to tell you why you’re a bad person for eating meat. I’ve tried pointing this hypocrisy out, but because I’m and omnivore, my argument is automatically invalid to them.


    Whoops. “I’m *an omnivore”


    While I disagree with much of it, the OP is brilliant.