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A riot is the language of the unheard?
A riot is the language of the undisciplined.
A riot is the language of the wantonly uneducated, and stupid.

Old Tofu

george floyd was non violent . . . look where it got him , I am still shaken by the fact that none of the people watching didn’t attack or kill the officers as it happened. I myself as a concealed carrier would have been torn between talking or shooting the officers that were so obviously callous in there dealings with a man who was already handcuffed on the ground. I can only speculate as to the outcome if I were to act , but I would think if there was an officer left alive I would be dead as… Read more »


George Floyd was fucked, whether violent or non-violent.

I agree shooting police would indeed be a life sacrifice on your part.

I wonder if stepping up to engage that policeman, would have pissed him off enough to stand up and face the engager, thereby releasing the death hold on Floyd.

Please point out where I said “protesters”, not looters and rioters.


Malcom X is a more powerful speaker IMO. And killed by the feds, just like MLK.

I don’t think Malcolm X’s family was exterminated quite as effectively as MLKs was though.

tiki god

you’d be dead, shot by the four cops standing around watching George Floyd getting his neck stomped on.


I’ve thought on that; and have a conclusion similar to yours… If you are openly unarmed and non aggressive, would the “Blue Line” (Obviously subordinate to Derek Chauvin), be openly able to kill? (That doesn’t mean they couldn’t cuff you and shoot you later), but would the testosterone spraying, kneeling cop stand up to berate you long enough for George Floyd to recover? Also, there is more than meets the eye here… Chauvin and Floyd both worked unarmed security at the same establishment. Also, also, I hate those goddamned black and white Stars and Stripes with the single blue or… Read more »


My father was friends with, and I knew as friends, some Black Panthers when I was young. Many of them met death at the hands of police for no good reason at all. I can’t believe I’m reliving this shit. Also – it’s coming to bear that covert magats are heavily involved in turning these protests violent. F them and F the burn it all down Left Anarchists. F them all.