everybody during the pandemic

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    DanVK wants us to be just like Venezuela. Got any good recipes for cooking dogs?

    tiki god

    I know it’s rough, but sometimes you have to get your head out of your ass and help your neighbors out.


    I agree that a pandemic is a fine time for government to step in to help everybody out (and I hope you enjoy your check signed by DJT), but this help should be limited and very temporary.

    And you should be careful what you wish for: last time we had such massive national trauma (September 11th), the government used that as an excuse to bring in Homeland Security and the not-at-all-effective security theater at the screening checkpoints, the “Patriot” act which prioritizes defense and national security over civil liberties, and massive surveillance foreign and domestic (for which Edward Snowden is now exiled for helping to blow the whistle on).

    tiki god

    I remember when the republicans pushed through that insanity, weird that it was republicans in charge then, and it’s republicans in charge again, isn’t it.

    I for one don’t want “the government” to step in, I want our locally run community to do it. Then, when that’s figured out, have it roll out nationally for stuff that local places can’t do alone, like health care and caring for the elderly.


    Locals do healthcare just fine. Trust me, I’ve seen first hand how national healthcare works out for vets.

    tiki god

    I do wonder about that, because when I was with the national healhcare in the US, it was fantasticly better than the local stuff.

    Old Tofu

    unlike Venezuela it’s highly unlikely our CIA would be trying to destabilize the US as it has done down south of the border



    Old Tofu

    have you heard of gary webb?



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