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    It’s bullshit like this which leads people to distrust their doctors, seek alternative, new-age bollocks rather than proper treatment and refuse vaccines.

    The idea that the pharma industry is riddled with evil actors who’d rather see people suffer than find cures for diseases is hot garbage.

    Karl Lewis

    You’re not wrong… but, I’d point out that the quality of healthcare in the US dropped, relative to the rest of the industrialized world, once hospitals were permitted to become profit earning enterprises. Previously, they’d all been run as charities. See: U.S. infant mortality rates vs. the rest of the world. (As rich as we are, we rate like, 70th, in infant mortality, which represents an enormous failure in health care delivery.)

    As for the Anti-Vax movement, that crap keeps getting amplified on social media by the damned Russians, who are happy to see Americans die from any cause.


    100% agree with you there, too. It can’t be stated enough that free healthcare at the point of delivery should be regarded as a fundamental human right and the US system seems fucked from here in the UK. There but by the grace of god, etc… I don’t think this cartoon is making that point though. At least, it’s not now someone has crudely Photoshopped it. God knows what it said originally. I guess, my original comment should really have said “medical community”, rather than “pharma industry”, though I still contend that even they aren’t as bad as many, many… Read more »

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