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Or you are 40+ years old. And if you don’t fit in these categories you are still able to carry the virus to your family and friends who do fit into these categories. So don’t underestimate this!


The standard flu has a death rate of around 500k people a year. Which is about 0.1% of known cases. The death rate of the Corona virus is, estimated by WHO, at about 3.4%. If it were to spread unchecked, were talking about, potentially, the death of several MILLIONS of people.

Also. Saying it is “Only” lethal if you have an underlying condition is misleading. The young or elderly can die from it simply because their bodies can’t handle fighting it. Just like the standard flu.


There is no evidence that there is a risk to the young.

And we have to many people anyway. And boomers suck. So fuck um.


false, here in Italy there are confirmed cases of even kids needing ICU. Beside that, don’t anyone think of the potential permanent damages an infection like this can give to people, even if it would not kill them?

Old Tofu

well I’m 51 with congestive heart failure and I’m about ready to start wearing my mask and gloves