Kansas Classrooms

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“We won’t be using safety glasses this year in shop class. I believe that anyone who gets a wood chip in their eye had it coming.”

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    Haha this is cute. Though I have to say, there are exceptions. At my old Catholic school, we had this psychologist lady visit our class, and she talked with us about everything. She even brought condoms. Of course we had to seize the opportunity so we had a huge orgy right then and there.



    TIJUANA?! FUCK YEAH. Me gusta mogollón, Ay! Ay! Ay!


    Conquer the prom with elephants! Hellz Yeah!


    Now how long will we have someone complaining and whining?

    I lol’d.

    Jesus Christ

    Geo Metros are ugly.


    Who is Heloise?


    dieAntagonista: O.O They allowed someone to bring condoms ( Birth control is EVIL according to the Catholics ) to a CATHOLIC school? And give them to the students?


    lawl… this comic is going on my desk’s wall-o-humor.


    the best part about this comic is the geo metro.. I giggled.


    That’s it! I’m gonna start crashing into things on purpose. Extra points if I hit old people and cute kids.


    So much for that P-chem exam, run away to hogwarts!


    This must be logical. I know that, as soon as I had my first anti-drug class, I went out, bought an eightball and did my best to OD. Seriously, as long as people from Kansas stay in Kansas, I could care less what they do or don’t teach kids.


    Yea I know, that’s why I mentioned it. The orgy was still the better part though.


    lol, capturing the prom with elephants ftw.


    dieAntagonista: i don’t believe you because this is the internet!


    So, I live in Kansas and have gone to Kansas schools for quite sometime. Figured it would be fun in my speech class to give a speech over macroevolution since the teachers can’t teach it all. Needless to say, I offended 90% of the class, including the teacher. Mission accomplished. Moral of the story: Only 10% of students in Kansas will accept logic as a reason for anything. Probably 20% everywhere else.


    I love reductio ad absurdum. Puts everything in perspective for the weak-minded.



    Heloise is a newspaper columnist and author who has (or had, I don’t really know anymore) a column titled “Hints from Heloise” that concerned itself with cooking and cleaning hints, tips and shortcuts for homemakers. It was often paired with the Dear Abby column and other such trivia.


    Too many books… Only need one.

    beep beep

    mystic: I live in Kansas, too! I think it’s a rather nice place, but then again, I live in the only good (read: intelligent) city in the whole state.

    I grew up in Kansas and I was taught evolution in biology class! And that was back when evolution wasn’t supposed to be taught; my biology teacher was awesome though.
    And our final project in my high school physics class was all about launching water balloons at my teacher.




    Anyone who gets a wood chip in their eye had it coming!


    The last one kinda pissed me off but the rest made me laugh my balls off. Also fuck the midwest, the only part that is ok is Columbia Missouri and North Dakota. Other than that the whole place needs to be leveled into a giant strip mall.


    Tyger42: Actually, the Catholic Church is only against birth control methods that take effect after the egg is fertilized, like the pill. Birth control such as condoms or spermicide are allowed.


    dogolopee: WRONG. Read Humanae Vitae. Catholics are against ALL forms of birth control. They say any interference with the sex act is contrary to it’s purpose, which is to unify the spouses AND procreate. They say that each and every sexual act must be “open to the possibility of procreation.” That’s why they teach things like the “Billings Ovulation Method” to try and judge which days are “safe.” But even looking at it that way is supposedly sinful.

    I know. I, sadly, used to be Catholic.


    Catholics are in favor of over-population. Makes total sense to me, since their God loves to kill humans in big numbers every couple o’ millenia or so.


    Slap Shot 3!!!!! Kickass!

    “Hey Hanrahan! Hanrahan! Hanrahan – Suzanne sucks pussy! Hey Hanrahan she’s a dyke! I know, I know! She’s a lesbian, a lesbian, a lesbian!”


    yeah i kinda didnt like this cause unless you live in kansas you cant rag on it i mean i live here and i have no problem with it and ill challenge anyone to a debate if they have a problem with it


    takasato: What?

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