US Douchbags by Region

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    This is so accurate, its scary.

    Luke Magnifico

    Quit raggin’ on Scarface.


    Before I made the picture bigger I was expecting lots of pictures of casemods in different poses.


    Unfortunately, the person(s) that made this have never been to Alaska. We pretty much have our own, albeit, shitty cars and trucks. Oh and the drinking is just about anywhere not just ponds. 😛 Unless of course your a sicko that loves the cold and are out ice fishing getting drunk. *Raises hand*


    I can only speak for the south, but it’s dead accurate. One thing: it’s not called “muddin'”, it’s “mud boggin'”.


    In my experience, Oregon should be in the red zone rather than blue.


    The favorite movie part is dumb because everyone likes Scarface or they are stupid.

    : I think boggin only applies to Louisiana, swamps and shit.


    i like how West Virginia is classified as a Wigga state! most of the state is comprised of wigga killas! XD


    Wow, casemods sure does get around


    i.e. ghetto rednecks.

    fracked again

    Looks like we got some angry douche-bags in this thread… 😀


    The Saguar-Bro = True Douchebag and roams the whole nation.


    I’ve seen people here in Washington that fit each of these categories perfectly, except for the Alaskan one. Mainly due to a lack of snowmobiles (or snowmachines, as the Alaskans call them) and frozen ponds.


    Damn, looks too much like my family reunions. And is the prime reason why I never go to them.
    I’m just glad that I escaped Michigan in mostly one piece.


    Here in the WV eastern panhandle, they’re wiggas. It’s really annoying and stupid. It’s funny, you go over the border to Maryland and there’s almost no wiggas.


    so, this was done by a russian professor, yeah?


    Know your targets:
    if you see these types shoot them on sight
    make america a better place