Assault Washington

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    If George Washington knew that assault rifles would eventually be a thing, the Second Amendment would be a lot more clear about how certain classes of weapons should only belong to the military. To the point where an NRA-bought Supreme Court could not deliberately misinterpret it to mean “any single person can amass an arsenal big enough that they could’ve changed the course of any battle fought on American soil from the 1700’s to the modern day.”


    The question is, are you an idiot or a troll.

    A modern rifle is still far less destructive then a revolutionary war cannon, which is exactly what started the Battle’s of Lexington and Concord. Private cannon ownership was common in those days, for those with the wealth to afford it. Private warships, and even private armies, such as Ben Franklin’s Associators were common.

    The great shame of America is that few wealthy people own modern tanks.


    The Second Amendment is Perfectly Clear
    “Shall Not Be Infringed” could not be clearer