Rob Liefelds Picard

Picard by Rob Liefeld.jpg (321 KB)

Bring it on Borg wussies!!!

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    There’s no way he’ll be able to beat the borg WITH SUCH TINY FEET!!!!

    tiki god

    I do love the feet. that totally makes the piece, lol


    Needs more belt pouches and two extra six-packs.


    The style is far too realistic to be Liefeld’s.

    Billy Manic

    Agreed, a Liefeld drawing must feature the crotch area being sucked in by a wormhole or something of the likes.


    lol. this is perfect. the annoying squinty eye with no eye color or white in it. The really annoying clenched teeth, open mouth thats in ninty percent of the pannels he illisturates. the annoying fact that he just has to use a gun. the REALLY annoying obsession that he thinks every character should be muscly as hell, and the fucking pouches. what the fuck rob liefeild.