The future is now!!!

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    Give it up boys.
    Your guy won….that makes him relevant…and the target for insiteful comment and inane satire.

    People who continue to beat on the loser are called sore winners….also known as class-less assholes.

    You’re not a class-less asshole, are you bleakie?

    (oh…and you spelled Hillary wrong…)


    You still spelled Hillary wrong.

    tiki god

    there’s no candidates any more, just trump. Hillary is a private citizen once again, doing her own thing, so posting images of her is just a dumb move.

    want to ‘balance’ it out? post images of people that are politically active, like Bernie, Obama, Ellison, Tulsi, etc.


    A 30 year addiction is a hard thing to give up cold turkey….

    tiki god

    it’s not funny to beat a dead horse, just sad


    Personal vendetta….?
    What exactly do you think you righties have been doing for the last 30 years…?

    I’m genuinely curious.

    tiki god

    lots of butt stuff?


    This isn’t an accurate comparison… at least Biff could keep a casino running.


    ^THIS. Seriously, how hard can it be? People come to you and give you money to play games they know they’re gonna lose!


    Comparing Biff to Trump isn’t fair. To Biff.
    Biff’s Question Song (Stand-up Comedy) (4M views) (1:53)
    [imgcomment image[/img]

    tiki god

    I saw him perform once, it was amazing! he’s a great actor and is very funny!


    Cool that you supported him. It’s hard to like a villain. I struggled to accept Louise Fletcher in other roles after seeing her loathsome Nurse Ratched in Cuckoo’s Nest.


    Not the reason at all Bleakie. The reason is current events. And an immense amount of fodder for humor/ridicule. That “righties did it” was only pointed out so you could examine your apparent double standard on the issue. And what exactly do you think the purpose of this website is exactly Bleakie? If fair and balanced journalism is your concern, I suggest you’re being incredibly naive….immature even…to demand it from a website devoted to pics of cars, boobs, petroglyphs, comics, movies, games, derpism and just about anything else anybody wants to offer up. Including ridiculing and calling the President out… Read more »


    Curious…if you’re not a rabid rightie, how come you started off this exchange spelling Hillary the way only rabid righties do?


    Kinda makes the “but I’m a neutral, reasonable guy” schtick a little bit of a hard sell after that….