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    Ya don’t say!


    I feel you may be russian to judgement…


    Pooty-poot was scared of Hillary Clinton, but knew a weak president wouldn’t be able to stop him from re-establishing the USSR by conquest.


    Trump was installed by decades of the following: a Republican administration hell bent on enriching the rich and impoverishing everyone else, followed by a Democratic administration that would “address” the issue by doing the same shit but a tad slower or while smiling, followed by a Republican administration etc etc.

    And y’all are doing the same shit yet again. If the republic survives another few election cycles, the next populist moron vomited up will make Trump look like FDR.


    Yer just mad yer populist moron didn’t get enough votes because he was a Socialist moron too.


    For the record, my populist moron didn’t lose because he was a socialist, he lost because he got ratfucked by the Democratic establishment. You know, the same people who just now voted against having medicare for all or decriminalized marijuanna as part of their platform in spite of support from the overwhelming majority of Americans of all political persuasions. Because the Dem motto is that it is ALWAYS better to listen to lobbyists than voters. But you got me all wrong my friend! I’m not mad. Well, not every second of every day. Sure, too many people seem to think… Read more »