Ghost Busters First Look

Ghost Busters First Look.jpg

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    The first look was a good 6 or 8 months ago…
    I am looking forward to the movie even if those jumpsuits look horrid.


    oh, how unfortunate.

    Old Tofu

    is there anyone out there that DOESN’T know this is going to be a flop?


    This is going to suck SO hard. And when it does flop, the SJW’s are going start complaining about their soggy knees or some such.


    you’re fun. let’s hang out and kick puppies.


    Trust me, this movie is gonna suck for reasons COMPLETELY UNRELATED to the all-female team. The new Ecto-1 is ugly, the one guy on the team is expected to be pointlessly shirtless, the motorcycles are a dumb idea, the new proton packs look like camp stoves on crack, we haven’t even confirmed if these busters actually TRAP ghosts, and the director is throwing in little references to the first movie like crazy in order to win back a fanbase he could’ve avoided alienating in the first place BY NOT MAKING IT A FUCKING REMAKE. You do not honor the memory… Read more »


    I see absolutely no reason to re-make Ghostbusters, with or without a female team. The commercial thinking behind it is that all female ensemble movies like Bridesmaids have made tons of cash, so they’ve acquired this property and converted it into an XX chromosomedy. It’s a horrible idea that should have been strangled at birth.

    tiki god

    just a minor point, I do not believe this is a remake, it’s a sequel set in the same universe after the GB guys are selling franchises. These ladies paid to be a GB franchise