Turbo Kid review

51UCokCG1GL Turbo Kid

Set in the Wasteland of a post apocalyptic parallel future of 1997, an orphaned teenager named The Kid is scavenging for relics when….

Source: Amazon.com
Director: François Simard

Please note that I’ve stripped a fair bit out of the Amazon synopsis of the movie, it gave away a couple minor plot points that really gave this movie it’s shine, and it really does shine pretty brightly.  There’s an obvious low budgets feel to it, but there’s never a time where I got the impression that everyone involved wasn’t giving 100%.  I’m pretty sure this movie was intended as a modern take on a retro future from the 70s/80s point of view, somewhat like Kung Fury, but in a totally different direction.  With that in mind, the special effects and story telling are on point and enjoyable, with copious amounts of violence that so well permeated the time period that they’re trying to emulate.

The villain is played by the ever excellent Michael Ironside, though the last couple times I’ve seen him in the media it’s apparent he’s going the Marlon Brando route of weight management.  I strongly recommend checking this one out, it was a great sunday movie.

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