Silent Runnings ACTION SHOT

Silent Runnings ACTION SHOT.jpg


You may not know this, but this is all about one dude on a spaceship with plants on it.  not much of a setting for action.

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    movie made no damn sense…In a dystopian future where plants are extinct on Earth… (no plants…at all… how do they get oxygen?) a series of space Arks in orbit around Saturn hold samples of various plants…Earth-Gov orders the plants destroyed… … …because they are assholes I guess…and one man fights to keep his “herb garden” from being torched.

    Also there is a major plot point where he discovers that plants need light to live… … …Is this movie set in the Idiocracy universe?

    tiki god


    Because we want to examine ALL science fiction with a strict eye for accuracy


    well a botanist should at least know plants need light…I mean if a cable guy can hack an alien mothership, a guy whose entire life’s work is to know about plants should know what everyone learns in grade school.