Iron in Seattle

Iron in Seattle.jpg

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    call that bitch morissette. i think theres a song here somewhere.


    or more likely fiberglass

    Mark Antony

    Yes, because we all know that the world’s unending thirst for oil (and massive pollution problem) is driven by the kayak industry.


    But some kayaks are made from plastics which come from ….. anybody?
    Then there’s the synthetics used in their clothing, life vests and ancillary gear, the electronics used to assemble them and to otherwise support and sustain their own particular irony, the vehicles that brought them there etc. It’s Seattle so they’re going back to homes made with extensive use of ____ and heated with ____.
    But the one word “kayak” obviates the entire message?!?
    Standards are possibly lower at one end of the spectrum.


    Like Harry said:
    “You know how much diesel that clunker boat pumps out an hour?”