Bring back Clarkson

Bring back Clarkson.jpg


he’s officially fired, so now I guess we can take a guess at his next TV venture.

Punchy Cars with Clarkson

Knock Out Vehicles with Jeremy?

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    ‘Peak Cog’ with him, May, and Hammond on ITV.


    It seems Russia already offered him a job.




    Why can’t he do like every other celebrity who has commited faux-pa? Do an on air apology, donate a large sum of money to some charity, pay off the guy who got punched, and get back to work?


    He’s already apologized for one of his racist outrages. Punching someone is not committing a ‘faux-pas’, it’s assault. Paying someone off after you’ve committed a criminal act is unacceptable. The guy he assaulted is not pressing charges. And he’s been sacked. End of. Except not ‘end of’. He’ll be re-employed by someone else. But that someone else will not be Sky. They’ve had enough problems with presenters in the past.


    Clarkson was the one that reported it…the studio was just going to keep quiet and pretend it didn’t happen. My guess is he was really fired for that.


    I know he was the one who reported it, but as far as I’m aware, he did it because he knew there’d been rumblings of discontent about his behaviour for a while, and that someone else would do it if he didn’t. So. Rock. Hard place. He chose to dump himself in the shit rather than have no control over it.