The Trollstigen and the Stelvio Pass

mussoorie_road.jpg (84 KB)

Trollstigen_Norway_2004.jpg (210 KB)

a432_Stelvio.jpg (123 KB)

A limited picture of the Mussoorie Mountain Road, with the Trollstigen and Stelvio pass underneath, making a nice trio of motorcycle experiences.

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    A nice throw up experience. Beautiful but roads like that make me sick due to motion sickness.


    “…nice trio of motorcycle experiences”
    The key is the use of a bike, then no motion sickness will harm you… only butthurt 🙂


    Puulaahi: That was the first thing I thought, too!


    When setting out a long car trip, try doing the driving first. That always helps my motion sickness. If I’ve driven for an hour so and then let someone else drive, I’m fine. If someone else drives first and I’m in the passenger seat, I always feel sick. Also, don’t try to read, prolly knew that already, but I figured I’d add that too.

    tiki god

    this road looks like it would be frustrating to drive on, with all the doublebacks and loose gravel.



    You mean, challenging, incredibly fun? Then I agree.


    I just want to go here because I guess it’s pretty famous for BASE/wing jumpers.


    As a truck driver, just looking at that road makes me cringe.


    I believe the top gear boys took on the Stelvio pass in an Aston Martin, a Porsche, and a Lambo. Driving Heaven

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