Aliens – Space Marines – Heavy Gun dancing

Aliens - Space Marines - Heavy Gun dancing.png


Ever been mistaken for an Alien?

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    The two gun-ho jarheads, responsible for that whole place going 40 Megaton of boom.

    Mark Antony

    In their defense, they only opened fire once it was clear they were cut off and about to be slaughtered.

    I fault Lt. Gorman for not being aware of the risks involved in assaulting that part of the facility, sending his people without properly securing the area, forbidding the use of weapons and basically ordering them into a trap.


    gee, thanks captain obvious.


    Lt. this-is-my-second-unsimulated-combat-drop Gordon, was just a patsy for Weyland-Yutani.
    Although he grew some brains (and balls), after that head injury.


    I always thought it was that Paul Buckman guy’s fault.