onion cutter

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    Fire her and buy a food processor. It’ll pay for itself in half a shift.


    Great. Now you’ve made the uncryable onion lady cry.


    Fire someone who works in the food industry doing a job that is easily automated? Unpossible! If anything her wage should be doubled to $15/hour or at least $10.10/hour with absolutely no negative effects on the economy because increasing the cost of a product, like labor, never ever leads to a decrease in demand for that product.


    I don’t really see the demand for chopped onions going down anytime soon. Unless people get laid off because their job becomes automated and they don’t have any money to buy chopped onions…. Then I guess there won’t be anyone around who can afford these automated chopped onions…except the government…who dole out food stamps….you know…because we can’t really call ourselves civilized and then let people starve…. So then the guys that could afford these chopped onions will have to pay higher taxes so the government can subsidize the onion chopping industry…and help the folks that can’t afford these chopped onions… Read more »