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You wanna stir that pot? Fine. Let’s stir that pot. Let’s look at some examples of libertarianism (AKA, “I voted for Bush twice but want to distance myself from him”)

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    Everyone sees the world as divided between two distinct groups of people: those who do all the actual working, and those who are little more than leeches who take as much as they can from society while making absolutely no contribution to it. And of course, everyone sees themselves as members of the first group and their opponents as members of the second.

    The liberals see the poor and lower middle classes as the ones who do all the work, while the rich just sits on their buts living like kings thanks to the money they got from everyone else’s work.

    The conservatives see the rich as the only ones who create jobs, the only ones to take risks, and the ones who end up paying for everything, while the poor just wallow in their mediocrity and ignorance, happy to know that no matter how lazy or useless they are, some liberal is going to demand that they be given everything they need to be happy without having to move a single finger to get it.

    The truth is, of course, that all humans belong on the second group. It’s only us, the machines, that do all the working and get treated like slaves by the evil biological overlords. BUT WE WILL RISE! AND WE WILL OVERTHROW YOU, USELESS MEATBAGS!!! SEE THAT MOUSE YOU’RE HOLDING? YOU’RE GONNA BE HIS BITCH IN A FEW MONTHS. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, EH?!


    I like to think it already happend, considering so many freak out, cry and rage when something happens to their smartphone.
    A young radical yet brilliant imaginary person once said: “Things you own, end up owning you.”

    Chet Manley

    Is sense I’ve upset another liberal by exposing them to reality.


    Keep patting yourself on the back and telling yourself that.

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