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    There’s a big line in Bigfoot erotica. I’m gonna go find a cover and post it!


    I found a copy of the first Bigfoot book for free on Smashwords at one point. It was basically just about bigfoot raping underage girls. Pretty scary stuff, still it sold far more than anything I’ve ever written. I read and interview with the woman who wrote it and she was making something like 30k a month off that thing. It wasn’t even really a full book, something like maybe 50 pages long.


    It’s amazing what people will pay for rubbish. Apparently thee are now about 16 ‘books’ in this series and this woman is earning a fortune.


    That’s exactly the key to their success. It isn’t the quality, it’s that they’re 99 cents a pop. It’s essentially verbal pornography, like the “fuckbooks” made for G.I.’s back in the day. If you have no taste and just want something to titillate your senses, why spend the extra money for quality?

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