Thomas Sowell

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    Well, Thomas, it’s called hypocrisy, which is the raw material that liberals are made of. For a liberal, right and wrong are determined solely based on who is affected by the actions, not on what was done or what the intentions were. So when a rich person gets more money, it’s an evil thing because it benefits someone they hate. But when a poor person takes money from a rich person, it’s a good thing because it hurts the rich person and benefits the poor one. It doesn’t matter why or how the poor person took the money from the… Read more »


    “duh maybe because you “earned” this money exploiting your fellow humans and now you don’t want to pay for the road they’ve taken to come to your slave-machine ?”

    I love how exploited poor people stands for the immorals rich guys because you know someday they could be rich too.
    No you couldn’t, they won’t let you.


    Define “earned”….
    It’s greed to be buying an island while people are left in the darkness.


    So many people missing the point. He’s not necessarily saying wanting to keep your own money isn’t greed, he’s saying IF that counts as greed, then wanting to take money others have earned is ALSO greed.