Microsoft Invented the iPad

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    Took you that long to figure it out, huh?


    IBM released its first tablet PC in 1993. The earliest tablet was manufactured by Samsung in 1989. But remember, even when they’re thirty years late to the party, Apple is still “innovative” and “magical”.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The Wright brothers didn’t invent the first airplane. They invented the first airplane that *worked* and was practical. Being first isn’t nearly as important as getting it right.


    Some might argue that, while shiny, the iPad still hasn’t got it “right”.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    From the point of a view of an Apple shareholder, “right” = making money. Argue all they want, but they got it right.


    Oh, that part is certainly true. Apple has ALWAYS been great at marketing and making shiny stuff people want. But, as far as getting the product “right”, I’m of the opinion that the iPad, while shiny, could have been more “right”.


    What a fucking idiotic comparison. Right, as if things like processing speed, memory, interface tech, etc. didn’t improve all that much in 8 years.

    Insanely Rational

    The first iPad has an OS with no preemptive multitasking capabilities. You know what preemptive multitasking is? That thing the Amiga OS was doing in 1985.

    I hear the new iPad has cooperative multitasking. Glad to see they’re already catching up with Windows 3.1 in that regard. Maybe the next iPad OS will have the same technical capabilities as Windows 95. We can only hope, right?

    But, hey, the interface is so shiny and pretty, and has so many bright little colors! Everyone must get one!!


    Once you get over the delusion that the interface is less important than everything else will you begin to understand why Macs are so beloved.

    And before it’s even thrown my way: I own a PC laptop and a Droid phone –that’s it.


    But parts are cheaper now. Why the fuck should it cost $800?


    Because it’s shiny.

    And, made by Apple.


    Apple is like nintendo, they are 5 years behind in everything tht matters, although nintendo makes up for it by being cheap as h*ll while Apple asks you to pay for the priviledge of using scaled down tech that lacks important things (like USB, expansion slots and flash).


    Let’s see…”shiny”, “overpriced”, and “behind the curve”…one more and I can call APPLE HATE BINGO


    if the one that bill gates “invented” worked anything like the way the one that steve jobs “invented” works, there would be some merit to your comparison…

    however, despite the fact that your conclusion is more or less correct, you arrived at it by using faulty logic.


    Mac Users/KoolAid Drinkers,
    you’re missing the innovation in the Tablet PC.
    here is a device that uniquely fills your pressing need for a BSOD
    if you should happen to be away from your desktop PC.