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I got this in an email:

Hello tiki guy,

i am calling on you because i have been a member for years, post a couple of times

and always enjoys MyConfinedSpace.

I have started a new tool for outdoor entousiasm, it’s totally free and it is global.

To this days, (3 week old) my main user are from Québec, Canada and France.

This is because i have yet to start adding place in the US and nobody have add any place.

The system is pretty simple, user go in to find a place to do some outdoor activities,

dont find a place they know, they add it! soon, we should have a pretty nice collection of

place to go for anything from kayak to archery or baseball and mountain biking.

I would like for you to talk about on your front page, as you sometime do

and help me reach the US outdoor entousiam, hoping they will add new place for the rest of us to find

when in vacation.


And thus you have a link and a wallpaper for their site.

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    Tanxs for the help!


    i woulds like to record mend a place in upstates ny call Clarks Reservation. it have gots trails that screws downhill like a thing that screws corks and at the bottom is lake. many wild lifes there. go!


    If you have difficulties using the form on the website, please write me at: