lets toast the rich with our choice of cocktail

lets toast the rich with our choice of cocktail

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    Yes. Yes! Lets destroy the dirty, stinking, filthy, loathsome rich. Lets kill them all. We should all have the same amount of stuff. Whether or not we have the will to work for it. Gimme, gimme. I want my shit!

    tiki god

    you filthy fucking communist, this image isn’t about you. it’s about tearing down the oligarchy.


    I think that was sarcasm, Tiki.


    Thanks, Qumefox. Lighten up, Tiki. I’m on your side, I think.


    Not all rich people are cunts, not all rich people work hard (or work at all) to have what they have and not all rich people deserve what they have,


    Got throw somethin’ at somebody.

    Luke Magnifico

    Right. I mean, it’s all well and good that you have made your point, but at this stage, I have lit the molotov, and it is in my hand.

    What else am I to do with it?


    What is that, a flaming Dr. Pepper?


    yay for Death to Capitalism

    when’s someone gonna throw a molotov at bill gates?


    Yeah, lets kill the people who made this website, along with all of your shitty computers, possible. Socialism doesn’t work, never has, never will. When are people gonna learn? I know it makes your balls tingle to think that everyone might be able to be equal, but I’ve got news for you: THEY’RE NOT!!! Some will always make, some will always take.


    There’s a difference between rich and RICH. I think making up to a million a year is probably okay, but there’s no way ANYONE is worth BILLIONS a year. Anything more than a million a year should be taxed enough to bring it down to a million a year. If you can’t get by on a million, you’re the worst sort of hedonist imaginable.


    I donno. I think I could spend a million a year pretty easily. at least for 10 years or so. But after that i’d be running out of stuff to buy.


    Nonsense. You need to be more creative. You can easily spend $1 million on a couple of cars, a nice house, servants…oops I just went well over $1 million.


    Go the Lewis Black route and buy your own personal ball-washer. You’re an important man with a large salary and dammit your nuts should be clean.


    @nyokki – Cars and houses and the like are (or should be) long term purchases. If you spend a million on cars EVERY YEAR, you’re doing it wrong. 😀


    That was just a start. Clothes, art and jewelry can get pricey fast. I never said one would buy a house under $1m, if it were me, I’d be looking at manor houses for ~$3m. Servants have to be paid. I could $1m+ in less than a week easily.

    Luke Magnifico

    Not to mention any expensive sexual fetishes you develop.

    It seems that wealthy people are always freaky-deaky sex deviants.


    Eat the rich.

    Luke Magnifico

    Molotov marinade.

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