RL troll

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Tineye him yourselves; I haven’t the stomach to go through it again.

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    tiki god

    casemods, wtf guy.


    If this was in Europe he’d either be in gaol or have had his ass handed to him.


    Ah….brother dean….
    I think he is actually in Europe….or planning a trip to Europe….to “preach”….
    I wonder how long before he gets himself killed..?


    I suggest he visits Newcastle Upon Tyne, his life expectancy would be in minutes.

    Hell I’ll pay his airfare.


    Oh he isn’t trolling btw. Hes just being a cunt.


    He looks like a virgin alright.


    i deserve grape.


    I’ll tie you to the radiator, aquaman… But seriously he reminds me of a kid I went to college with, the infamous ‘Don’t tase me bro’ guy.


    make him the dean.

    Your censorship has no place in America you weak little pussbag. When someone says you deserve rape you rap him. You don’t whine like a bitch online. Sign your petition? All that does is make me like this guy for pissing off some feminazi activistasshole type that likes to cry about their problems rather than doing anything. You stupid cunt.


    rape him. not rap him. oops


    You Sir are a what we like to call in Europe a Fucking stupid Cunt.
    So if someone dares to question your laughable free speak, you advise someone to not report this quite frankly puerile attempt at attention whoring, but to carry out a criminal act.

    Also please forgive me but the only one here that’s whining like a bitch, is you.

    I would suggest avoiding the internet until you get to 16…at least. You may not be such of an embarrassment to Men the world over.


    I’m in Europe half the year and you’re full of shit. What are you fucking Polish? French? Latvian? Because Germans say Germany, Dutch say Dutch and only people from garbage countries dragging the union down claim to be from “Europe”. Asshole. So please forgive yourself but this whole thread is whining you dripping wet cunthole. You’re just another weak little over conditioned faggot who thinks being 22 makes him a wise old woman. You’re a fucking cunt and the only reason you’re jumping to attack me for daring to write something you don’t like is because cunts like you feel… Read more »


    White 42 year old affluent male born and residing in the UK. I Vote Tory as well. Would you like to be any more wrong? Oh and Mr internet tough guy? I bet you wouldn’t be so cocky out in the real world would you? Like I said earlier stop embarrassing men the world over by behaving like such a weak as piss cunt rag. I suspect you’re an avid daily mail reader as well, if this is true then I have to be honest there really is no hope for you. Now, run along and let the adults talk… Read more »