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    Of COURSE it’s a Yankee fan.


    Grammar errors aside, it must be frustrating watching a once great nation dragged down by a wave of parasitic, hostile, criminally-inclined, debt-inducing foreigners who are pandered to by vote-lusting politicians (also parasitic, criminally inclined, debt-inducing etc).
    As the US falls and China rises, a comparison of their respective founding and governing documents might be in order. If any westerner thinks that they can smirk from the sidelines without any personal involvement … well .. “thinking” isn’t really what they are doing.


    Yeah, blah blah blah, you’re angry. Good to know.


    Not angry at all. Sorry to have challenged you with so many words. “blah blah blah” – awesome rebuttal! I will copy and paste the heck out of that.

    father dougal

    Be sure to use it when some curmudgeonly racist buffoon posts a whole lot of angry arglebargle about how ‘murica is going down the toobs and the yellow reds are a-comin! Otherwise, you may come across as yet another illiterate millennial on the interwebz instead of the racist curmudgeon you no doubt deny being.


    End a discussion with a label? A bit of a shortcut. I’m no more racist than barack or michelle or the fine folks of la raza or jesse J. etc. You should take your faery magic personal example of sophistication, literacy and inclusiveness on a tour of the LA barrios. Or Detroit. Or …well any large urban centre really.


    “Other people are racists, therefore my racism is fine.”


    The “best” part – people like those, probably don’t get the irony.

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