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    Yes, that’s right, you should feel guilty if you are an employed Christian supporting a mainstream political party: None of those were choices.

    And I must say, finding and maintaining employment took no effort on my part. No hours of studying, years of student loans, dozens of interviews, countless 60+ hour weeks. No, it was all privilege. Those people who get drunk downtown and pass out in front of the liquor store at 2 PM could have had the exact same lives if it weren’t for a simple twist of fate.


    Who said anything about feeling guilty…?
    Methinks thou doth protest too much there sport.


    So I guess you got fucked over by the speech impediment? And/or was it the wealthy?

    Native English speaker, white, human, wealthy (it doesn’t seem like it, but my family does seem to be either close or at the top 20%, so I’ll take it) and educated. So do a lot of other friends that I know.

    I (and my friends) also get the Cis, white, no criminal record, adult and first world.

    And if you have a cover all, you’re doing damn good.

    Yes, my life is pretty much played on the easy level.


    To the dumbshit who posted this: Privilege is a term used by retarded liberals who want to either blame someone else for their lack of success, or make an excuse for someones (or a groups) lack of success in a free market economy. There are literally example after example after example of people who come from nothing to being super rich and powerful because they got an education, and worked hard. Here is an easy one, Oprah Winfrey. She came from a single room shack in Mississippi with a bunch of siblings and she now has her tv network. Steve… Read more »


    It’s amazing how some people can look at ANYTHING and make it about ‘liberals’ and what’s wrong with them.


    Yeah because in this instance the shit posted is liberal propaganda.


    I know, right? No hard working and honest person ever had a hard life purely because of their skin color or their sexuality, and no lazy asshole ever had an easy life just because they were born into a rich family.


    Here’s mine:
    Notice that even though I do not fill a line, I somehow managed to stay employed and not in prison.

    Equating race, physical ability, place of birth, family background, etc. with free choices like getting an education, following a particular religion/party or not having a criminal record is naive at best and offensive at worst.

    And if you think you are not privileged because you are not an adult, just wait around a bit. That’s literally what every adult in the world did. Equating that with being born to some impoverished Somali village is ridiculous.


    Well, I don’t have a well-connected family nor am I wealthy, but otherwise I be rockin’ me some privilege, I’m happy to say.


    Nice. I got 19 of those (and I could think of a few others that aren’t mentioned here). It’s good to lead a privileged life and be guilt-free about it, innit?


    I suppose I won’t be able to scratch off “intelligent” and “educated” because of this, but wtf is “Cis”?


    I believe it’s short for “cisgenger” which is used to denote someone whose self-perceived gender matches that of their birth gender.


    Damn you criminal record.


    Being white is the best!


    how is being christian a privilege ? last I saw it should be a mental handicap

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