you have gone back in time

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    But time travel is impossible.
    And if by some chance it is possible, my guess is that if you discovered how time travel works, all this shit is pretty much child’s play for you already.
    And if you didn’t discover time travel, but you were the A-hole who stole the time travel device from the the smart guy that did….screw you.
    You don’t deserve to benefit from science.
    And stop fucking with my past….


    That explanation about air flight are wrong. It will work, but don’t explain it like that because that’s terrible and you should feel bad.

    It’s simple common sense, if that were why planes can fly, why can they fly upside down?


    We read xkcd too.


    i can’t believe you read all that.


    Polaris is not the brightest star in the sky…not even “just about”.