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Or he’ll tell you what he really thinks –and only if he isn’t inclined to lie.


Sounds like the perfect excuse for a bondage party to me.


The internet is the mask now.


If you take away the ubiquitous structure of responsibility and liability from a person, how can you say it’s really them anymore?


You can be pretty sure. Some ways to check:

1) If someone has their liability and responsibility removed, but they are still there, they are probably the same person. Our relative location in space is still the same independently of our social obligations. Unless you are one of those superstitious religious chaps who believes in TELEPORTATION.

2) Ask them a question only they would know, like “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” “Or what was the name of your first pet?” That’s how websites often ascertain it was the same person.

3) Distinguishing scars or birthmarks.