thor vs catholics

thor vs catholics

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    “while befriending some of the world’s most heinous dictators.”

    So the catholic church are liberals? (And here I thought Noam Chomsky was an atheist.)


    Think he’s talking about Hitler and Rasputin.


    Why would Thor, a god, threaten what Catholics (and many other religions) believe in: a God? It’s like a platypus threatening the theory of evolution: yes, it’s weird, but not weird enough to seriously undermine the foundation.


    Implying the catholic god is real.


    The threat is that if Thor is a God, then their God either isn’t real or isn’t the only one. It flies in the face of everything the 3 major religions believe in.


    That’s odd, because the old testament acknowledged the existence of other gods on more than one occasion.


    It’s actually pretty dicey, history-wise.
    The Catholic church mostly favored Tyrants, not Dictators. But Hitler and Castro would certainly fit the description.


    I can see how people might confuse Tyrants with Dictators.


    Lots of overlap, but tyrants are generally kings or rulers of a powerful and established family. Dictators usually seize power on their own.

    In the end, the result is the same – but the Roman Catholic Church has always preferred kings, queens and other established rulers over upstarts that are easily overthrown. In the end, probably a wise move –



    A tyrant is someone who acts tyrannical.

    A dictator dictates.

    Dictators usually act tyrannical and tyranny is a symptom of a dictatorship.

    This concludes today’s podcast: If you don’t know the answer then please just leave the comment alone until a grown up comes along.


    I don’t disagree with the analysis of the Catholic Churches dicey relationship with actually doing good, but I dislike it when comic book writers use superheroes they’ll only be writing for a few years as their personal mouthpieces. Thor has not been specifically anti-Catholic in any other series, why is he now?


    Because comic book people are especially weak minded and right now it’s fashionable to attack any Christian based theology especially Catholics.
    Suddenly comics are also massively pro gay.

    It’s just grown up nerds still trying to mold themselves into something the popular kids will like. That ego driven weakness will last their whole lives.


    So strong = agrees with you
    weak = doesn’t agree with you


    No just ‘makes up own mind’ = strong.

    Follows the herd = weak.

    But maybe you just came to all conclusions you have and opinions on your own….for the first time in the history of man.


    There are gay characters that easily date back to the 80’s. Marvel revealed Northstar was gay in the 90’s. DC created a gay cast member of Green Lantern in the 90’s too.
    20 and 30 years ago, it wasn’t so cool to be gay. So how was that supposed to help the “nerds” impress “the cool kids”?


    I wonder if the writer on this knew that Hitler often talked about “The Hammer of Thor” smiting their enemies? They called him Donir if I remember correctly, but it was intended to be the Norse god.


    Also, Hitler had Hugo Weaving unearth Asgardian artifacts in a bid for… huh? What do you mean that wasn’t a documentary?


    No, it was the one about the lost ark of the covenant, I always get those two confused


    But the church of Asgard didn’t support him.

    fracked again

    Marvel had Thor fighting for Hitler, but when he found out that Hitler had tricked him and was evil, he quit.