how to care for introverts

how to care for introverts

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    So introverts, are they half the population or less?


    13. Avoid if possible.


    That sounds like the needs of a someone who is a giant pussy, not an introvert.


    14. Treat as if retarded. They are delicate flowers.
    15. Water daily and provide ample sun.


    This is exactly why this graphic was made. American culture undervalues introverts, confuses their personality style with shyness or anti-social behavior, and tries to “fix” them, because there’s obviously something wrong with them. Thank you for demonstrating this attitude for us. Understanding how other people — or more fully understanding how you, yourself — process the world is an incredibly worthwhile endeavor. It will help you better in work and social relationships. If I need to sell you on why those things are important, you really need to get away from the internet for a while. Here’s a link. It’s… Read more »


    I call B.S. Man up. I don’t like speaking in public but when I’m called upon to do so, I DO IT. Rise up to the circumstance.


    Yeah, this guy doesn’t understand what “introvert” means.


    I used to be introverted, all throughout high school and a couple of years afterward.

    Then I realized I didn’t like feeling neglected, girls didn’t know I existed, people didn’t know who I was or what I was capable of.

    So I grew some balls and stopped hiding inside. This graphic is just sad; don’t expect people to make concessions for you. If you’re happy be introverted, fine, good for you. But the rest of the world is the way it is so deal with it.


    I’m glad you overcame your shyness, which is what we learned the word “introverted” to mean back in grade school. However, that is not the actual definition of introvert. Please read the article I linked to above. Introversion is not shyness, it is not timidity, it is one end of a spectrum which describes how people process the world around them. It has nothing to do with fear (thus “growing some” is irrelevant to the conversation). From the article: “Introverts seek time alone because they want time alone. An introvert and a shy person might be standing against the wall… Read more »


    as an introvert myself, i approve.


    man up.. this is MERICUUUHH!! scumbags


    hmmmm…10-15 votes on every comment in the space of an hour, swinging the hidden comments to well-loved and the well-loved to hidden.
    Sounds legit to me.


    Sounds more like sour grapes to me.




    I shouldn’t be surprised by the ignorance relating to, and understanding, introversion… but somehow, I still am.

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