Babylon 6

babylon_6_by_kavinveldar-d37wpj8.png (71 KB)

babylon_6.jpg (162 KB)

Babylon_6_Tweak_by_rottweiler.jpg (352 KB)

Appears to be some discrepancies but hey…at least it’s purple.

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    NONONONONO! “Babylon 5 was the LAST of the Babylon stations.”


    I guarantee that there is a Babylon 5 fan-wank out there somewhere about Babylon 6 and their mission to distribute pornography to all the alien races…either that or they were a “sekret giuld of ASS-ASS-inz!”(sic)…probably both.


    Are these from a babylon 5 game? Funny thing is a game would have better graphics than the original show running on a reasonable spec pc.

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