Just do it -or- Look at me! I jumped out of a plane!

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I went skydiving for the first time on June 10, 2012. I tumbled out of a plane at 18,000 feet and flew straight down over two miles before Jordan deployed our parachute. There is nothing like plunging through the troposphere at terminal velocity… then suddenly you’re floating almost a mile above the ground. It’s down right magical.

Stand up, walk away from the computer, and go live. Your life is only as amazing as you choose to make it. It’s a choice but you absolutely have to make it your self.

“Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride.” – Bill Hicks

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    the real Supermen uses a cape, you use a dude…


    Doesn’t count if you had to be strapped to someone else to do it

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It’s required for first time jumpers. You need to log hours before you can jump solo.


    Ok I don’t really agree with Mags on most things but did some tard *actually* downvote this? When s/he’s correct?!



    Static line, 8 hours training and you go out solo.


    Different kind of “first jump”.

    Dyon 86

    yea but it’s not from 10k+ feet! I did a few static line jumps and regret not doing freefall.


    8 hrs class
    a few lower altitute static line jumps
    totally worth it.
    CHOSING to let go/step off the first time is waaaayyy better than riding bitch

    still, cool story bro.


    It’s a shame you were sodomized the whole way down…or…maybe…I dunno…maybe it isn’t.


    I think being gay, or at least bi, is (still) trendy, so…


    Well done. Now jump out a plane at 6k feet. Holy. Fucking. Shit.


    They didn’t do the whole tandem thing back when I did my first jump. For me the instructor simply held on to the pilot chute as a static line jump. That and the reserve chute had a decent rate trigger. If you were below a certain height and falling faster than a certain rate it popped. I have never gotten the tandem thing…


    Great stuff. Now try it with 50 pounds of military hardware strapped to you.


    + HALO.




    8 years military service. Halo’s for pussies.


    Agree. Doom is really where it’s at.


    I did a 20k full battle rattle and dropped like an express elevator to hell. Goin’ down!

    Aliens is awesome btw.


    looks fun!


    Great work and excellent quote from the dark poet Hicks.


    inspirational. thanks man.


    I did that once (from 11k feet). Freefalling was awesome, but once the chute opened and we were bobbing up and down I got airsick and almost threw up. If you’re susceptible to motion sickness (like I am) I’d suggest Dramamine beforehand.


    Fuck the haters man. They’re just jealous that you were able to do something they never could muster the testicular fortitude for.

    I envy you. I look at videos all the time about base jumping and slacklining and wish I could do it.


    sounds like quite a few of us HAVE done it.
    And not just tandem/bitch style either.