old school napalm

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    Luke Magnifico

    Probably the most beautiful explosion I’ve seen on a TV show.


    That was a great scene.


    And pretty good feel of dread/anticipation/epicness from the book too, although it didn’t happen like that, it was still very cool.


    I was fairly pleased with it too.

    George Martin needs to put his hand in a bit more of the script work like he did with the black water episode.

    Plus the extra budget for the episode upped the quality from great to excellent. Hope they get more cash for season 3 (they do around 6 million an episode already. Not much when you compare it to most movies that are only an extra 40 minutes longer and get millions more


    Some of the book fans are complaining that it “wasn’t green enough”.


    Some of the book fans get pissed off when George Martin takes time for the books to renovate his house too.

    Cant do much about the entitled.


    Awesome show. Can’t wait for the finale.