Comparative Religion FTW

Study-one-religion.jpg (244 KB)

1. Compare myths.
2. ???
3. Profit

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    Vance Logan

    That’s true; when you compare two things you’ll find neither are right.


    This is the real problem between atheists and religious people. Both sides tend to think that if ONLY the people on the other side just KNEW what they KNEW they’d change their way of thinking immediately. Not true! Just as there are plenty of atheists that know a lot about religions out there, there are plenty of religious people who are well versed in other religions and other points of view. I’m a Christian and I probably know more about the Jewish faith than many of the Jews I know, I’ve actually dated a Buddhist, and have many friends who… Read more »


    I’m an atheist and I enjoy the idea that “free thinking” means you don’t believe in certain things.

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