The god of only one god.

and his name is JESUS. and others. but we’ll call him jesus for this discussion.

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    I can’t hear it….OH MY TIKI IAM DEAFT PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



    Sigh, Ignorance on a global scale…
    But the Jesus is Lord nonsense still males me giggle…
    It’s like heaven incorporated and we’re sucking up to the VP….


    I have no problem with them worshiping Jesus – it’s when they say that other people can’t worship who they want that they really tick me off. If the founding fathers wanted a Christian theocracy they could have had it with the stroke of a pen, but they chose religious freedom instead.


    It’s ironic because the people who colonised America; the puritans were victims of religious persecution, now these conservatives (who believe themselves to be far closer to the goals of the founding fathers than the democrats) are religiously persecuting people, the founding fathers would never condone this

    tiki god

    they only left england because they were “victims”, yes, but they were “victims” because they were fundamentalists and the rest of Europa realized they were crazy.

    It’s ok to criticize crazy people.

    Vance Logan

    It’s a good idea to keep an eye on people like this preacher. It sounds like he’s into political activism as the more effective/fast agent of cultural transformation as he might be an advocate of changing hearts and minds with Jesus’ gospel (as the much better & primary way). But as for the titling here: culture-warrior politician Rick Santorum is not the god of a/the single creator God, by whatever name you give to that Being. He was Yahweh in the OT Bible (Hebrew canon). Orthodox Christians believe that Jesus was both God and a real man – the one… Read more »