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We wish to apologise to any customers who received left-handed allen keys with IKEA products between 01/01/12 and 31/3/12. To exchange your incorrect key, we’ll provide a swap box at the store entrance tomorrow as we are closed today, April 1.

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    Same shit happens to me,
    purchased two nice coffee cups, take them home and realized
    i could not use them because both are for left handed.


    one time i put my socks on the wrong feet, i was just like fuckit, and i wore them like that the rest of the day.


    Did anybody happen to notice the DATE on that product Recall?


    Woah, everybody watch out, we got a bright one, here!
    (oh, and, “duh”.)


    My friend got arrested for making counterfeit pennies. You know how he got caught?
    He put the heads & tails on the wrong sides. He didn’t think it mattered.

    (paraphrased from Steven Wright)


    Always the details that get you –

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