DHS to the Rescue

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Can we just change the name of the country from America to something more relevant? because we don’t live in America anymore

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    can somebody explain this to me?


    Homeland security more like legal government rape of your ass

    D. Las

    it’s the new swat truck for you the Americans. I’m leaving this continent, if this keeps up.


    So its so terrible that DHS has a SWAT truck in an area where there are heavily armed drug cartels operating human smuggling rings? And its absurd that it might be a rescue vehicle because no one ever dies of dehydration while trying to stealthily cross the desert into the U.S.?

    I dislike DHS as much or more than the next guy, but this is not even close to really objectionable.

    And please if you want to leave go ahead and get the fuck out. I’m sure you will Europe to be so much more protective of your rights.*



    Why is the DHS doing the job of other departments?

    See, that’s the fucked up thing about DHS: It really doesn’t do anything that wasn’t covered by other agencies before. But now there is yet another department, sucking up resources, and fighting with the others over who has what jurisdiction.

    Of course, next time a terrorist attack or something scares people, we’ll just create another department to make people feel temporarily safe and create even more bureaucracy.


    Politicians gotta do something – and all they can really do is make laws and spend money.

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