professional shooters

professional shooters

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    No holes in either board and they both have earplugs in, so either this is a staged and pointless exploitation of guys easily getting off on anything with boobs and a pistol – or she’s actually explaining to someone that you get a better score for hitting the higher numbers.


    this how i know you’re gay


    Judging by my first comment, either I’m gay, or I’ve just had enough success at pursuing my own fantasies in females that I can afford to look gift set-up-bullshit in the tits. I’m inclined to say the latter based on personal experience, but I’ve never tried the former, so why don’t you bend over and we’ll find out.

    You can call me Fluttershy.


    Please call me Mister Coony Coon

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Maybe they’re just starting and haven’t shot at all yet? She might be saying ‘this is the target you’ll be shooting at’.

    Plus this is how I know you’re gay.


    I think this is one of the few times that Magnus is right about something


    Looking at the guns I would say she was explaining scoring. Blue shirt has a tricked out STI or SVI and Purple shirt has a Glock with grip tape. Those are NRA pistol targets and almost all hand gun events have different scoring.They both shoot left handed also.

    Alternativ, they can act as professional hooters.


    That is how I read the title.


    curious if they are lefty or the image was flipped


    if it were flipped, you’d be looking at ejection ports, wouldn’t you?
    And that’s not grip tape, it looks more like one of those stupid grip reduction/stippling people do to Glocks … just buy a gun that fits your hand in the first place, kids!

    also … I’d like to see these girls’ ejection ports up close in good lighting.


    also … left-handed “people” shouldn’t be allowed

    Gary Generic

    I just fired off a round, myself.