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Hmmmm, can I vote for ‘None of the above’?

yes, it’s called being mexican, off to gitmo with you


thanks to obummer its coming down to that.. only it will be americans, mexicans, whites, blacks, yellows, and whoever else they choose to label “terrorist”


humm center right or psycho right?
Would be nice if a democrat ran this year.


Ron Paulies fall into one of two categories: those who love him in spite of his racist/intolerant past, and those who love him because of it.


I hate American government


Given the current choices, it’s Obama again!

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

keep dreaming

that nigger will be lucky to leave the White house alive


Ah yes, Ron Paul fans win this year’s award for “patting oneself on the back for a perceived moral superiority that everyone else is laughing at you for.” Sadly, the only people more pathetic who have won this prize in the past 10 years have been early adopting Facebook users (2004), hipsters (2001), iPhone users (2007), and… oh, what was it again?… oh that’s right, people who claim to be political libertarians without putting any real thought into the actual ramifications of what that position entails (every year running).

Fucking retards.


I’ll be voting for Ron Paul. He wants to run the presidency according to the constitution, and go through congress to declare war instead of just… going. That alone puts him miles ahead of the other candidates. OOooooo how scary and dangerous. I urge you all to do more research on Ron Paul. Whats wrong with freedom? whats wrong with keeping the fruits of your labors? And as for the racist thing… he’s probably the least racist candidate running including BO. Look through his long history of speeches, books, interviews, voting record, etc and try to prove otherwise. He has… Read more »


paul wants to effectively disband the union and go back a step in history to the articles of confederation. we tried that once. it didn’t work. that’s how we got our current constitution. this is the united states of america, not the nation-states of america, for a good historical reason. all of the things everyone claims ron paul is against in the federal government: he’s only against them because it’s the federal government. if the states continue the war on drugs, if the states mandate racial segregation, if the states outlaw abortion, he’s ok with that. So long as it… Read more »


The constitution was designed to protect the people from over reaching government, not to empower the federal government. It states plainly that the only role of the federal government is for defense of the nation and our liberties, and to ensure we have a sound currency and truly free market. Which really all ties back to liberty and freedom. social freedom, economic freedom, etc. Not to redistribute wealth and give bailouts, not to be the policemen of the world, and definitely not to encroach on states rights. Anything else should be left up to the states. This is what the… Read more »


Wow! You need to actually read the document for once.


No, it was designed to prevent monarchy, by forming a strong, but not too strong, federal system that protects the rights of the masses. It doesn’t state all of those things clearly at all, particularly with regards to implementation, but broadly speaking the “necessary and proper” clause gives the federal government the power to do whatever it needs to do to ensure those rights. You’re going right into what I specifically mentioned as the typical counterargument – BUT THERE ARE THESE THINGS WRONG WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MAY AS WELL THROW IT ALL AWAY – and assuming that not voting… Read more »

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

If it’s already divided then he’s giving the people what they want.

You just don’t want that because suddenly your politics and agendas won’t be forced on the majority any more and coastal America will see it’s damaging influence vanish.


“OOooooo how scary and dangerous.”

“OOooooo how rebellious!” I bet you’ve freaked out your parents!


You still dont get it, do you?
If elections were to change anything, they would probably be illegal.
The same companies that sponsored Obama when they realised that he was getting voters and popularity, are going to sponsor Ron Paul and whoever the next president is.
[Obama’s top contributors: www.opensecrets.org/pres08/contrib.php?cid=N00009638%5D

But of course all that are conspiracy theories of them commies. Long live Jesus and the multinational corporations!

PS: dont vote people, vote companies. I stand with McDonald’s and Coke…


PS2: … because they make my belly happy


And the flaws of a “democratic” two party system.

Should read: in 2008 you voted for me because you’re an idiot. In 2012 I’m hoping you’ve learned something from your mistake and will vote for experience this time instead of who you’re being told to vote for.


If people followed that logic, Ron Paul would get absolutely 0 votes.


Not to break the thread, but who else loves waffles? I fucking love waffles!

tiki god

fucking waffles with fried chicken at IHOP. it was the best meal I have ever had.

Mind you, I was drunk and in love, so there’s that.


Our Applebees makes Oreo waffles!


yeah, why not


The creator of the image misspelled “are.”


HA! I was going to post the same thing, almost word for word!


True; I did vote for the black man, Obama, in order to prove I was not a racist – hadn’t animosity towards blacks anymore. However, I still do have a bad attitude towards idiots – don’t like crazies. And that is bigotry and that needs to also be dropped, like racism. So, it follows to prove this new lack of animosity on my part I will vote for the crazy man, Paul.


Because the government that governs least…is the background story to Mad Max movies.

Luke Magnifico

I hate American politics. Mostly because every election year the internet fills up with bullshit like this.


Technically, to prove you’re not a racist, you have to vote for him for two terms.