Redbox refuses Warner Brothers

Two years after bending to Warner’s demands and delaying its kiosk rentals 28 days in exchange for lower acquisition costs and a steady supply of Blu-ray discs, Redbox announced the agreement has expired. This comes as a result of Warner’s desire to extend the delay between the time movies are available for purchase to the time they can be rented in kiosks or by subscription to 56 days, and instead Redbox will go back to buying the studio’s movies at retail

Nice to see that they’re pushing back against the insane stipulations of WB to not rent movies for 60 full days after it’s been released on the retail level. Of course, I’m using Netflix myself, so I have to wait up to a couple years to see the movies that I want to see, but I also have nearly 3,000 hours of entertainment queued up in there, I can stand to wait a wee bit longer than the average consumer.
via Engadget.

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