Mike Judge

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    He’s kinda kewt.

    Billy Manic

    This picture makes me feel weird; he’s much too all-up-in-the-camera.
    Still a legend, though.


    Fucken redneck show is redneck.

    If there’s anything I hate more than loony liberals, it would be rednecks.


    That redneck brought us the only good thing to ever air on MTV, Beavis & Butt-Head.

    He even appeared on Space Ghost Coast to Coast, it was mesmerizing how he made all those character voices right there and then.


    No way, The Maxx and Aeon Flux kicked butt. So did the guy with the big head whose name I can’t remember right now.

    My strongest association with him isn’t Beavis & Butthead but the work he did for the sick and twisted festivals. Yikes!


    Okay, but who’s the guy on the right?


    Surprise butt sex??


    actually, Dreth and outofocus, as a member of the class of 1993, let me enlighten you both. Liquid Television was the show that Aired on Mtv that brought you both Æon Flux and Beavis & Butthead. It also brought you The Head, a show about a guy named Jim whose head grew real big and a little demon dude named Roy lived in his head.

    Another good show along that line was Idiot Box. Eddie the Flying Gimp FTW


    I know what Liquid TV is, they had a monster truck episode and frog baseball. From there, it went on to MTV. But like I said, the only good thing ever shown on MTV, was thanks to that man right there.

    On a sidenote, I have posters, DVDs and shirts of my two favotire dumbasses. I love them so.


    funny man is funny
    oh and he did daia righht?


    Daria was a minor recurring character in B&B, the spin-off was completely unrelated. I think the only untouched element was her clothing and voice actress.


    Can I get you all to go ahead and remember Office Space? That’d be great, thanks.


    “I have a narrow urethra…” LMAO

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