Avengers Super Bowl Teaser

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    I have a question to my fellow comic geeks here in McS.
    Any idea who or what the alien race are?

    tiki god

    Kree or Skrulls. I’d put money on the Skrulls, cause you know they just love their invasions.

    of course, it’s all going to be part of a plot from Loki though


    tiks, they already debunked the Skrulls.


    They who? The scenes where Cap and Thor are fighting, it’s gotta be because one of them is a Skrull. And even if it’s not, why is everyone ignoring the possibility of the Shi’ar or the Baddoon? Whoever it is, they made a deal with Loki because they want the Cosmic Cube. I just fuckin wait.


    Joss and Kevin Feige or whatever his last name is already debunked that issue, but there are some speculations that it’ll be the Baddoon.