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    Malta Soron

    Still running XP, but my next desktop will probably be running Windows 8. I haven’t followed the news about its new features, so I looked up the new interface. The above claim about the windows is nonsense, but I’m not too enthousiastic the new Start screen (which is shown in the picture). It’s probably nice if you only install a dozen programs, but I have about 140 items in my Start menu.


    From what I read windows 8 is a touch screen OS to compete with Android and Apple mobile.


    windows 8 will be integrated on mobile devices and touchscreens as well as desktop capability. you can have a regular desktop by selecting it on one of those windows shown above. regular windows and start menu will be available. this is going to be amazing as you will be able to sync your phone, table, desktop instantly without trouble. whats great about it? you can have your fucking PC on your phone!!