Clearly You\’re Doing It Wrong

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    It took me a sec, then I lol’d


    Is it referring to sex being done wrong? Or how intense someone mows the lawn to burn calories?


    If sex takes the same energy as mowing the lawn, you probably are having sex really slowly.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Sex burns about zero calories for me. I make her do all the work.


    It depends how you are having sex. Seeing as how EVERYONE walks all the time, mowing the lawn isn’t much different.

    When I had sex, I would always use different muscles than when I walked and I would actually get tired and notice the muscles being worked.

    Can’t say the same for walking or mowing the lawn.


    So…you no longer have sex…or walk?

    Some of us ride our mowers. 🙂


    I only felt comfortable with my ex-gf to ask if she wanted to have sex. I already got in trouble once at work because some customers complained about being uncomfortable. I asked one chick to see a movie a couple times because I thought she was interested but she turned me down both times (although she did say she felt bad because she likes me and didn’t want to turn me down but she already made plans) I am lazy and all I ever think about is how girls just use guys that have cars and how I’m shallow and… Read more »


    As someone once said:
    “Love is affordable only by the young, good looking and rich; and you must have decent quantities of all in order to succeed.”

    -or something close to that anyway…


    Err..Love is a commodity. I wish we could edit our posts here… 😛


    I agree. Most hot chicks are extremely shallow for the most part. There are more bad people then good is what I mean. So sure, there are hot ass chicks who totally kick ass, and ones that are sluts.

    I know one at work who is extremely hot and is a nice girl, but I’m just saying. 8/10 hot chicks you see are bitches, gold diggers, sluts, or something else negative.


    Your clueless-ness and self-centered-ness continue to astound me.


    Should I care?


    Have you been to san jose?

    90% mexican. Do I need to remind you about the mexican culture?


    Maybe Santa Cruz is still a white surfer town and you think that’s how the rest of the world is, but here in the capital of Silicon Valley, it’s a lot of methheads, mexicants, gay n’gters, wiggers, niggers, thieves, criminals, poor people, white trash, etc. And don’t be one of those people who look at a book or things on paper. That’s like me looking at a paper on Santa Cruz saying 4.8 deaths occur caused by shark attacks, when you personally have seen at least 10. Most of these mexicants and niggers I speak of live on the streets,… Read more »


    Oh, shit, you live here?

    There goes the neighborhood…


    Enjoy life living in a fantasy 1990’s surfer paradise world.


    I’m too lazy to get any help that may be needed. Plus I have a job so obviously I’m just an asshole/racist/anti social/pervert, nothing serious.


    Also, since I have to deal with these mexicans, I know how to spot bitchiness and sluttiness so forth in women because I have to deal with the concentrated versions of them.

    POME – not by choice…


    Ugh, just get over yourselves already.


    Who is Kaiser Permanente?