peace at 1800FPS

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    Barretta??? It’s that a Barrett? If it was “Baretta”….it would be “Beretta”.

    Or is this notsoobvious troll?


    Barretta??? Isn’t that a Barrett? If it was “Baretta”….it would be “Beretta”.
    Or is this notsoobvious troll?


    The forcible end of conflict is not peace…just ask some people in the Southern US. Their motto is, “The South shall rise again.”


    I hate how all these fools call it the Barret 50. Cal. Just because that’s what CoD calls it. It does have a name. In this case this is the M107.


    You just dissed COD people?

    I am so spawn camping you.


    Sorry I’ll be on Battlefield 3. None of that pussy spawn camp shit on there.


    I’d be on Battlefield 3 too if I had the time. But I am busy getting edumicated.

    Then I would Fighter Jet Camp you.


    actually, that looks more like the M82 not the M107, either way tho its a Barret .50 which is a 12.49mm projectile width, average projectile weight is 750grains but it can range from 550 – 1000, and contrary to popular belief, these aint some amazingly accurate gun, there were in their day but now the top competitors are the .408 the .375 and the .416, the most accurate of the three suggested by testing was the .375 which is a cheytac